P-Town Waitress serving two customers Not Knots.
Boy enjoying a slice of P-Town pizza.
P-Town Pizza on a stand
Ree Drummond

Welcome, Friends!

There’s no better place to watch a game, hang out with friends, or dive into delicious food than P-Town Pizza. Wood-fired pizzas, chicken wings, fresh salads, Not Knots, signature drinks, desserts, and more. No matter what you order, it’s sure to hit the spot!
Cheesy Pizza

Starters 1and Salads

Starters You’ll Want to Finish

We hesitate even to offer a menu of snacks and starters, because our pizza is worth the wait! But there’s no way we could keep you from these delicious offerings. (Psst. Pace yourself! It’s all soooo good.)
Not Knots
P-Town Pizza's Italian wood-fired pizza oven.

All pizzas are cooked in our wood‑fired brick oven

Call in Carry Out! 918-287-2314
'P-Town Fig & Prosciutto Pizza


Super Thin Crust … so you can enjoy the toppings! (And eat more slices)
Call in Carry Out! 918-287-2314

Craving Creativity?

Build your own Pizza

Craving something unique? Build your own pizza! Start with a cheese pizza and add whatever toppings you’d like!

BYO Pricing

(Same price and amount for half or whole)

'Two girls at P-Town Pizza with drinks.


Beverage Menu

P-Town Pizza dessert jars.

Layered Dessert Jars

Dangerously Delicious!


Signature Cocktails

Hand Crafted and Tasty

Our cocktails at P-Town have taken on cult status with locals and visitors alike; you won’t believe you’re sipping these beauties in a small Oklahoma town! Big culinary flavors make these impossible to pass up.

Cocktail Menu

Friends toast at P-Town Pizza.

Stop In

Stay Awhile And Leave With A Smile

Bring your friends, coworkers, or family! We have all the food and drink (and desserts!) you need for a casual, fun night out on the town.

Beer 1and Wine


Red Wine

White Wine

Blushes 1and Bubbles